Integration of a predictive dialer is an indispensable tool for effective collections and agency success. In an effort to increase productivity, Conrad’s predictive dialer is an advanced outbound dialer and offers personalized voice messaging for leaving unattended messages and interactive voice response for automated access. The term predictive dialer and auto dialer are often used interchangeably; however, an auto dialer simply dials a telephone number on demand without manual input. A predictive dialer is much more sophisticated and is a vital tool in today’s collection environment.  Conrad’s predictive dialer capabilities:

  • Multiple telephone line capability

  • Connection to a live agent upon detection of a “live” voice while simultaneously displaying the debtor’s account information on the agent’s computer screen

  • Seamless integration with the Collector System for up-to-the-minute account updates

  • Eliminates non-responsive calls, busy signals, no answer and answering machines

  • 300% increase in productivity over an auto dialer

  • Increased agent/consumer talk time to 45-50 minutes per hour

While other agencies may have a Predictive Dialer at their disposal, a Predictive Dialer itself has no strategies. It takes an experienced agency with effective collection strategies to utilize its full potential.