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Client Resource Center

Need Help? Have a Special Request? Need a Report?

Are you needing assistance with a specific report that needs to be generated, or have a special request, please use our Help Ticket to request this information. The correct department will be in contact once the Help Ticket is submitted.

How will I know that you received the accounts that I placed?

Your accounts will be uploaded into our software within 24 hours of receiving them. We allow you to decide if you want the Awknowledgement Letter mailed to you or emailed. Once you have received this letter, be assured our collection process has begun.

Can a debtor pay me directly once I have placed their account into collections with your agency?

Once you assign the account to us, we start working the account within 24 hours. Due to this, we suggest it is best to refer the debtor to our agency to make their payment. If a debtor insists on paying you directly, please accept the payment, and notify us immediately of the direct payment.

How do I Record a Direct Payment?

It is important to let us know anytime you receive payment on an account that you’ve already sent to us for collections. When this happens, please notify us on your Client Portal by Clicking Here or email us at

When will I receive my remittance check?

Checks are mailed out by the 6th business day of each month after the “remittance” process has been completed. Checks are issued on payments that were received during the previous month. An itemized statement is available in your Month End Packet that will be issued with your check.

We also suggest dropping the paper and let us wire your check and provide you a PDF Month End Packet through our SFTP server. To request this service, please email place a Help Ticket Here.